visual novel

(+18) A date with Earth-Chan

Earth-Chan is a literary character who got large protion of popularity lately. This lovely looking chick represents our own planet so you nicer treat her with some respect even if this is just a visual novel with elements of dating simulator and manga porn parody. The idea is simple - you have some conversation with her while still seeing locations that are lovely and will meet Earth-Chan. From time to time you'll need to earn a choce on what things to say precisely and this will impact the outcome of this date. And here everything works only in world - should you treat your planet she will reward you greatly in return! Incidentally, this is total version with all possible content included so you do not need to support author thru patreon to view it all... unless you will love the game ofcourse.

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Quickie: Toshiko

Always had been interested in receiving quick lovemaking using accomplish stranger doll that you simply meet at the park? Well, this game can accomplish this for you! As it had been said you will beging your match day by taking a walk into the park... where you'll see a cat! And if there's building cat then there is a cat possessor. Who happens to be youthfull and quite shy lady! And just when you believed you can get nearer to her it is the rain started! Well, you can use this on your well too! How? It's possible to walk to her house beneath your umbrella and say a couple more complements for her... Sooner or afterwards you will receive your chance to fuck this cutie at her place! Game is created as visual book with auto skipping options. Graphics are pretty good, there will be a minutes where it is possible to choose the way the story will go along with bang-out scenes are animated - that is fairly great visual novel after all!

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