Touch and Tease Vol.1

This game has quite an suitable title because to touch and to tease are exactly what you are supposed to do most of the time you will spend in the game. But what you indeed should know before playing the game is that this time you will be taunting not some schoolgirl or not even some lady - this time you will play with Akuhara Shoya, the hunky tough man! So determine yourself ' are you going to proceed or will you be heading to our website and try to locate hentai games that will suit you . The game will consist of few different scenes and to get to them you will have to perform a series of certain actions. Normally you will need to socialize by left click or drag. Sometimes you will need to choose different implements for different situations so keep it in mind as well.

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Swimsuit Resuce

A hot Caribbean island. You break and abruptly a naked buxomy blonde comes to you and asks that you help her. Her bikini was transported by a wave to the sea. You ask her to wait on your area and go to search for a swimsuit. Going to the area you provide the swimsuit to the buxom blonde and you do a glow. The blonde takes it and is clearly ready to proceed the dialogue at a more interesting way. She is a little nervous, but it is not scary. If an excellent remedy for nerves - caliber and twisted hookup. After a duo of minutes you're currently fucking this busty blonde with your thick dick in her pink and moist vagina. Use the"Next" button to change the game landscape.

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Treasure Pleasure

For hot pirate red-haired chick there is no better treasure than pleasure! Probably that is why she celebrates getting this new treasure map with sexy hump with one of her team members. Which happened to be you by the way! So now you have alimited time to please your captain if you planning to get your slice of treasure when she will find it. For that you will need to fondle and taunt her slit or may be her butthole if you want, fuck her fuckbox or her culo on few levels of intensity and all this to bring he rpleasure level to the maximum level. If you will excite her sufficient and you stil have time left she will let you to jizm in and on her! And what about the treasure? May be she will get some free-for-all from fucking time for searching it in a next game.

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