Campus 2

This is second chapte rof the game series and as it usually happens with games from studio you will need a code from the end of the first-ever chapter before you can play this one. So you will have to play the very first one and it is recommended additionally because game collection is story and personalities oriented. However, in case you have not memorized the code and really did you can try this one 12531333. Alyssa - horny nymph from the preceding part - is planning herfirst school party. And you will assist her with this. Make decisiion when it is required and follow stroy to find out just how joy these student soirees can be for a sexy damsel... or even when your choices will probably be scanty. And don't leave behind to check our site for more games out of studio if you enjoye dthis one!

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Demonic Orgy

Three pretty pupils and a man are put beneath a sex spell by their dickgirl instructor and have an orgy. If you discover your instructor is half guys half women would you be surprised? And what about dick that is sucking?

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The Strict Teacher

Did you ever wished to be a teacher in the clasroom where all pupils are hot females prepared to fuck thier instructor? Subsequently this game is likely to cause your dream to become real! To begin with you've got to choose which one of girls will be calling for the homework today. One of them is a very good student and always happy to answer the other one is constantly hoping to made up several reasons why she has not done her homeworkagain. If you decide on good student you will need to reward her for good studying. If you pick the poor one then you'll need to penalize her. And this is the location where you will be delighted to knowthat your teaching method utilizes sex for the two rewrads and punishment! Whatever the outcome you will get your chance to fuck one of your pupils at the end of a day... or may not be only one!

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