Strip Poker

Poker with Melissa

Melissa is sexy looking blonde chick with big tits who prefrs very lil bathing suit swimsuits... And if it is bright she can lightly to get some rest near the pool sans any swimsuits in any way! And guess what? In this game it is always shining! But since this is a game after all you will get your chnace to love Melissa's sexy kinks only after you will proove yourself and this challenge will be poker card game! These rules are elementary - you create the bet and get your cards with a possibilty to switch a number of them (or all o fthem) in order to receive the best possible combination on your forearm. The better mix and the greater your bet the more you will win in the conclusion of each round. These currency you can spend to unlock more videoclips with Melissa and ofcourse the hotter the clip will be!

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