Cookie Scout

Big sisters have to help their younger sisters. Particularly when it comes to selling scout coockies. Why? Because the larger the knockers - that the bigger the sales! As for the game it is a very plain interpretation of a story about sexy nymph getting fucked and in scout uniform coming to sell biscuits. But if the story doesn't have any interactivity at all when the fucky-fucky time comes you can perform a great deal of things on this ultra-cutie if you want and as lengthy as you desire. Wish to fuck her tits? Just select how hasty you want tod o it! Want to put your big dick inside her vagina? You can do it superfast, carbs or slow! Want to check out how cock-squeezing her butthole really is? Well, I think you have the idea... Incidentally game is made completely from male's person perspective in boith intro and hookup scenes.

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