The game with title"Powerless" will really tell you a story about something silent against - about gaining a growing number of power. The events of the game will happen in a dream world that you are supposed to take under your manage. Yet don't expect that you're going to play as brave king or at least high rank knight - in this game you will be playing as elven princess (whose name you can think out by yourself)! She may not be as large and powerful as several minotaurs or orcs taht she might need to deal with but the size of her milk cans will certainly garnt her a few power within male inhabitants of any kingdom of these lands. And who knows - my be not just the male half ... Work on this game is still in progress tho' so there might be some restriction on gameplay which soon will be immovable.

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(+18) Into the Forest Ch.4

This is currently 4th chapter in the game series titled as"Into The Forest" so in the event that you haven't played former games then you should visit author's website to love these first (and very likely at the second when you reading this 5th is also ready so you should check it anyway). Here our heroes will get nearer to not only unsheathing the most important secret of mystical mansion but may be even to solve a few of them... but are they prepared for something like that? Play with the game and you will see. Ofcoruse there will be some adult scenes like were in prior parts of the story but when you will figure out some critical moments of the story you might look at them from a different angle this moment. Or might be thsi is only your imagination? There's only 1 way to find out!

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Dungeon Sex Slave Level 2

This game features the word"basement" because there will be a great deal of half naked girls chained up into the walls (yet you will come across this material as well) but since gameplay here is indeed a dungeon crawler as if it were not some anime porn game but a few severe job in fantasy setting! You may play the part of plucky female knight who'll explore this dark dungeons. Use arrows to move around and when the situation will get really hot use the items in your palms in order to overcome the obstacles. Just attempt not to lose battles against creatures if you don't want to embark again from the very beginning. Much more manga porn games and parodies in dream (and not just) configurations you can always find on our site. Ofocurse there you will find games in other genres if you'd like.

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