Pussymon: Episode 36

How many scenes of Pussymon Saga you have played? Let us hope that the answer will be"35" since we have Episode 36: Liunahelm and Tayzakana. And those two starnge words in the name of episoed isn't just a few names for new pussymons - it is non the less then names of two ne countries that'll be addded to the entire planet from today on! But do not worry - all the new upgrades you have used to if you wre playing former episodes (like fresh pussymons to catch, fresh sexy animations, new characters, fresh main and side quests) continue can be seen in this sequence also. And ofcourse you can locate all the preceding sequences of Pussymon Saga on our site as it's a common narrative (and it is always nicer o play exploration rpg when you the characters and weak and strong sides they have).

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Pussymon 20

Wow, already 20th upgrade of this game. As generally it includes 7 pussymons, 25 animations that are new, and a few features to make the match more interesting, like new and teleport story.

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