lession of passion

Weekend with Bradleys

What's it? It is time for new"Lession of Fire"! Within this erotic story you will satisfy the Bradleys... and also spend the weekend together! In this story you will be acting as man called Danny and mister Bradley is his chief. For being good at his job Danny was seen by his boss and more - that he got an invitation to invest weekend at Bradley's big mansion. Who knows - it may result in some large promotion... or Danny might get put with mister Bradley's sexy wifey Melissa or his secretary Brooke! Or might be the unverse will be kind enough and somehow help Danny to achive both these aims? Well, in this circumstance you will become the conductor of universe's will and help Danny to make all the right options to get whatever he desires... or possess fairly fun with pointing skimpy man in completely wrong way! As usual game might end in few distinct ways.

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