Holio U – 10 – chinese girl

New woman is at the college dorm and she's stayed at room number 69! Do not you think that this is a clear sign and you really must pay this woman ameeting trip? Ofcourse it is - only knock into the door and determine which woman you will be seducing today! And now you will be seducing hot asian chick - this brunette has com from China and likely this fact will be quite practical for you during the seduction component of the game play. What? You didn't think that she will let one to fuck her right form the beginning, do not you? But if you played previous episodes of this fairly popular hentai matches (and there has been plenty of them - simply check our site for longer) then you know just what to do. Pick the most appropriate pick up lines to get into her space where you are able to touch and fuck her in a string of minigames later!

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Holio – U – Pink Blonde

Bear in mind these old school games from Holio U? I found one more of these that was not published here. As usual begin by picking answers that are rightlocate a hotspot and decide on tools and the proper toys to receive score.

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