Fantasy Beer

Ever wanted to try yourself as a bartender? No? And if there was a vacation of bartender in some dream tavern where only hot women visits? Now that's teh right answer! And while you're so pleased about your new task we have to teall you - perhaps not all your guest tonight will be human chicks but if you don't mind about cute elf girl or naughty succubus then it won't be any difficulty for you at all. Now about what you need to perform - your project tonight is to make all these ladies to get drunk. How drunk? Enough to create them all nude and kinky right here in the tavern - that is how drunk! However, it won't be enough to simply serve them the largest cups of beer which you have - each of them will require a unique approach. And to find the strategy to every one of them is exactly what you might have to do to win this game.

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