Bondage Hangman

To start with you should not be worried - the term"hangman" from the name used to specify the genre of this game. Yet from another hand the events of this game are occurring in some dark dungeon in which raven haired mistress is getting some restrain bondage funtime along with her blonde maid... in other words if you are searching for some narrative even in hentai games from logic genres that you may get one here! Was there any reason or not but our poor maid has got herself into some troubles at this time and there is only one way for her to break away the grimm fate - to win her mistress in the words guessing game. Ofcourse this is where the player will have to help her but be carefull - each mistake will end up with skimpy maid! Oh, and it is quiet possible that you will have to guess not just one word but some brief phrases also.

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